7th Moscow Exhibition for Halal industry opens

7th Moscow Exhibition

7th Moscow Exhibition

On 2-5 June 2016 the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre will host the 7th Moscow International Moscow Halal Expo 2016 Exhibition, where over 200 Russian and foreign producers will present goods and services complying with halal standards, which means environmentally-friendly, high-quality products in keeping with ethical norms. The Exhibition is held in “B2B” and “B2C” formats and brings together producers from 25 Russian regions and 20 countries.

7th Moscow Exhibition

The Moscow Halal Expo is aimed at developing brands of Russian providers of goods and services, attracting investment to the Russian halal sector, increasing the share of high-quality and environmentally-friendly products in the Russian economy, and implementing the import substitution programme.

More and more companies enter halal market

The main sector of the Exhibition is represented by Russian and foreign food producers — companies offering meat and dairy products, poultry, processed meat and canned food. Among the exhibitors there are biggest Russian companies producing meat and poultry, with a smooth-running production line of halal products (Miratorg, GAP Resurs, Platira, Ravis etc), dairy products (Laktica from Nizhny Novgorod, Nalchik dairy factory etc), confectionary, fruits and dried fruits from Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and others.

7th Moscow Exhibition: The representative of the GAP Resurs company, which participates in Moscow Halal Expo for the 3rd time, said that they were planning to establish contacts with new partners and to get up-to-date information about opportunities at the halal market.

Quality is a matter of great concern for many customers. Asiyat Darsaeva, general director of OOO Platira, said: “Today more and more clients prefer buying certified food products. They put safety and their health first. The halal products are positioned as green and, more importantly, they really are.” The Platira company produces meat and prefabricated meat products and participates in Moscow Halal Expo for the first time.

The Russian halal market has seen much interest from foreign countries, especially the UAE, which indicates the general growth of the sector and the increasing role of Dubai, the Gulf’s hub. Abdullah al- Mani, general director of Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology that regulates import to the UAE, will be a guest of honour at the Exhibition.

Companies from Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan are also among regular participants of the Exhibition. The Malaysian company Halcent International takes part in the Moscow Halal Expo for the 4th time, presenting the products of Malaysian manufacturers. “We have noticed that the demand for Malaysian halal products is quite high in Russia and the CIS countries. This year we have established a joint enterprise with our Russian partners for more efficient distribution of the products”, —said Nor Lisa Ismail, chief operations officer of Halcent International. The company is planning to promote coffee, drinks, spices and instant noodles at the Russian market.

Moscow Halal Expo 2016 Programme

Different specialized forums, the “Halal Product of the Year” tasting contest and the awarding ceremony for the company best at following halal norms will take place within the framework of the Exhibition.

On 2-3 June producers, buyers and regulatory authorities will be able to discuss the prospects for halal products’ sales growth at the Moscow Halal Economy Forum. For small and medium-sized enterprises there will be a meeting with the representatives of the Islamic Development Bank, where they will be able to discuss possibilities for halal projects’ financing.

In the morning of 3 June at the Moscow Halal Congress experts and product engineers will discuss efficient solutions for certification authorities and state institutions in terms of facilitating halal products’ certification.

7th Moscow Exhibition: On 4 June the Modest Fashion Forum will take place within the framework of the Exhibition. The project is aimed at the thriving fashion area known as “modest fashion”, which complies with Islamic fashion requirements and meets demands of the growing number of consumers. Experts from the UK, Malaysia and Russia will speak at the Forum.Harun Rashid, a partner of Seed Investments, a London-based Islamic investment company, founder and director of Islamic Design House, will be one of the speakers.

Best Halal Product and Best Halal Company 2016

7th Moscow ExhibitionFor the 6th year in a row the Moscow Halal Expo organizers conduct a tasting contest in order to encourage companies to constantly improve product quality and its taste characteristics. Over the past few years the number of nominations for food products has risen from 5 to 15. This year over 30 companies applied for participation in the contest and will present more than 100 products.

One of the last year’s winners was IKHLAS, a company from Samara. The company’s director, Eltsin Aliyev, said: “Best Halal Products” status is an indisputable bargaining chip while negotiating with partners, and a proof for regular customers that they made the right choice of a supplier. Our participation and success in this contest mean that the efforts of all employees, from manual workers to the head of the company, have not been wasted, and are positive psychological support for moving forward and developing our professional skills”.

The Risalat company, a Dagestan-based regular exhibitor, will be among the contest participants in 2016. It produces one-of-a-kind eco-friendly meat products with no soya, GMO, food colourings, flavour enhancers or other harmful additives. Abdulla Alexey Gorbenko, the company’s development director, said: “We asked our product engineers to make a premium quality product without using harmful chemicals, unnecessary colourings, flavour enhancers, preservatives, gluten, phosphates — only with natural spices. In the beginning many product engineers refused to work with us, but it didn’t prevent us from moving forward, and together with those who believed in us we have invented recipes based on professional State Standards for upscale products. Together with scientists we have analysed all additives and spices, eliminated all forbidden and questionable additives, and signed contracts with the suppliers of natural halal package”.

This year the “Best Halal product” contest will be held among the cosmetics producers. The green cosmetics conforming to halal standards is becoming increasingly popular with the consumers who want a high-quality body care. About 10 brands of halal and green cosmetics will take part in the Exhibition. One of the participants is a company from Japan. Eles Bektur, CEO of the “Japan Halal Trade Company, is convinced that their Japanese origin is an advantage. “The products made in Japan imply premium quality”, — he said.

7th Moscow Exhibition: This year the organizing committee specifies stricter requirements for the “Halal company of the Year”. The contest is conducted for the 4thyear in a row, and this year the organizers are planning to single out only one company in the halal business field. While assessing the companies, not only the fact that the product is halal is taken into account, but also ethical attitude towards the staff, abandoning usury, fair competition policy, following contractual obligations, social activity (charity), contribution in scientific and technological projects, which is beneficial for the industry and the economy on the whole.

The company winning the contest will practically be the best partner for doing business in the halal segment.

Contest page: http://halalexpo.org/doc/toexhibit/bestcomp/

The contest winner will be given the reward during the closing ceremony of Exhibition on 5th June 2016

 Russia can become biggest exporter of halal products

Foreign partners and investors express greater interest in the products of Russian manufacturers. The sectors of agriculture and halal products trade are of top priority for foreign investment, according to investors from GCC countries. Since 2015 there have been a growth in export of Russian halal products to other countries, mainly to Iran, UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The laws being drafted now in Russia in order to facilitate making deals in keeping with Islamic financial standards are supposed to encourage this investment cooperation.

The representatives of the Russian company Miratorg, which takes part in the Exhibition for the first time, explain their desire to enter the market with a shortage of high-quality halal products in the presence of high demand. This is what determined the course of development for the company. Miratorg already exports beef to Iran, UAE and Egypt and is planning to enter other countries’ markets.

According to the representative of the GAP Resurs, its main competitors at the international poultry market are the biggest poultry producers from Brazil, USA and Ukraine.

Buying agents interested in halal products

Over 1000 companies have registered for participation in Russia, and a half of them is interested in buying halal products. Buying agents will come not only from different regions of Russia, but also from the UAE, Iran, Egypt, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and other countries.

A survey conducted by the Exhibition organizers has shown that halal products do not have sufficient presence in retail chains. The organizers gave special attention to inviting participants from network distribution channels. Representatives of federal retail chains have expressed their interest in visiting the Exhibition and talking to suppliers.

Russia represents a strong consumer base for modest clothes.

On 4 June the Modest Fashion Forum will take place within the framework of the Exhibition. The project is aimed at the thriving fashion area known as “modest fashion”, which complies with Islamic fashion requirements and meets demands of the growing number of consumers. The expert discussion and seminar on the modest fashion market development in Russia will be conducted with the support of international organizations, including IFDC (Islamic Fashion Design Council). IFDC will introduce to retailers an unparalleled programme — Pret-A-Cover™, developed in order to reach out to the consumers regardless of their religious affiliation. Moreover, it provides more opportunities for Russian export.

Experts from the UK, Malaysia and Russia will speak at the Forum. Harun Rashid, founder and director of Islamic Design House, will share his vast experience as to establishing one of the biggest companies producing clothing for Muslim women. The Forum is aimed at a wide range of visitors who want to reach out to the consumers of this significant but not entirely covered clothes market.

The participants of the modest fashion sector of the Exhibition include manufacturers producing clothes for consumers who prefer modest and chaste style in line with the pret-a-coverTM concept. Among the exhibitors there are successful companies of the Islamic and Christian clothes market, as well as aspiring designers, whose collections will be presented at separate exclusive stands. FRANGIPANI, the first multibrand shop in the modest fashion segment will occupy one of the biggest stands in the Style&Textile section.“We have made a stand offering a wide range of products, so that anyone could find everything needed for a complete look”, — say Anastasia Alaswad and DariaMusayeva, creators of the Frangipani brand.


The halal industry is developing rapidly throughout the entire world. According to the Thompson Reuters Islamic Economy Global Report 2015/2016, the share of halal food in the global food market amounts to 17%. Malaysia, Pakistan and the UAE are the leading countries in this sector. Despite economic sanctions and their consequences, the halal business development in Russia is stable. The production volume keeps growing, the share of halal products’ sales in Russian food chains and warehouses is increasing. Moreover, this market growth is mostly due to non-Muslim consumers who choose these products for high quality.

Moscow Halal Expo is a leading Russian platform that brings together leaders of the halal market and sets the heading for the industry development for many years ahead. Thanks to the exhibition, over 200 brands of Russian and foreign producers have entered the market and become popular with customers. The organizing committee of the Exhibition involves experts in halal market and Islamic finance, as well as heads of biggest projects in the halal technologies field.

The Exhibition is supported by the Russian Muftis Council, the Safmar Charity Fund, the Islamic Trade Development Centre (Casablanca), Russian and foreign organizations. The partners of the Exhibition are Al Baraka Banking Group, Islamic Fashion Design Council, “Made in Russia”. Strategic information partners are Thomson Reuters, Salaam Gateway. The e-commerce partner is zilzar.com.

Media accreditation: http://halalexpo.org/doc/media/accreditation/

Registration to the business programme: http://reg.halalshow.com/login.php?idExh=2

Registration for visitors: http://reg.halalshow.com/

Organizing committee:

+ 7(495) 248-05-35


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