American Muslimah Authors New Desi Fitness & Weight Loss Book

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Guest Writer, Amtul Ayesha Ahmed

USA: I lost thirty pounds over the course of three months solely for myself without any intention other than getting my slim body back. But when I met friends and family after my weight loss, I was totally taken aback by the reaction of every single woman out there. I had no idea that my weight loss would mean so much to them. It made me realize that every woman has this deep down desire to lose weight and look fit.

I was bombarded with questions from family, friends, cousins, and random aunties at parties about how I did it, what I ate, what I didn’t eat, what workouts I followed, and so on. I told them that there are tons of fitness pages and YouTube videos online and CDs in stores that they could follow, but everyone persisted, “We want to know what you did!” I guess that seeing someone live in front of their eyes who had done it made a difference and inspired them.

I didn’t think that it was going to be such a big deal for others to see me as a slim person (back to my old self), but I was really honored and humbled when friends, family, and strangers approached me for the weight loss tips and tricks. What really amused me, though, was when they insisted that I should tell them exactly what I did. The reason for their persistence was, “We don’t want to eat all the bland, tasteless, boiled food, with no oil, no salt, no fat, and just boiled cabbage or baked zucchini that they tell you to eat in all the diets out there. We want to eat all the spicy curries that you ate and still lost weight. We want to lose weight the Desi Way.”

So here I am, writing down the Desi Way to lose weight while eating Desi food.

Ever since that day, I’ve been giving lectures on fitness and nutrition at every party, wedding, and family event and in texts, Facebook messages, and calls across states from my cousins. Now, at everyone’s request, I’ve finally resorted to making this book instead of giving fitness talks. I have put down on paper every single thing I did and still do to maintain my physique.

I sincerely hope this book will serve as a means of motivating and inspiring all the women who’ve tried a gazillion methods and programs to slim down but haven’t yet been able to do it. I hope you will find this book beneficial in trying to reach your goal weight easily and stay fit, healthy, strong, and confident forever.

The most fundamental part of my weight loss is that I lost the dreaded thirty pounds all by myself in the comfort of my home solely with home cooked food that I made for my family. I didn’t spend any money on any of these things:

  • Gym memberships
  • Pre-measured snacks
  • Pre-planned diet
  • Pre-cooked food
  • Expensive diet programmes
  • Personal trainers


There’s no “magic wand” that I can swish and flick that can make everyone’s life a whole lot easier, but I can mostly guide you with what I did, what kept me motivated, how I pushed myself to my goal-weight without fail!All the techniques and tips that I used to lose weight are right under your nose, in your house, and within your reach. You just have to unravel them and follow them to find out exactly what I did to get that fit and fabulous body you have dreamed of for many years.

Good luck! Happy losing weight, and happy getting fit!

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