App: CollabDeen Pioneering Community Safety Through App


App: CollabDeen

An App That Can Potentially Help Keep Your Mosque Community More Safe Especially After Christchurch

CollabDeen Initiates LaunchGood Campaign For New Community Safety Tech Feature

Technology allows for many parts of daily living to interact in new and innovative ways. Tech has created a means for engagement and an avenue for mass communication undertaken in a time effective manner. The CollabDeen app founded in Singapore is now taking advantage of technology to promote elements around community safety using an online means.

Islamaphobia and oppression against Muslim communities has existed from the very beginnings of Islam when the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and his early followers were attacked by the pagan Meccan’s right the way through to more contemporary time’s post 9/11. Anti Muslim hatred has been witnessed around the world in many countries and cities. We have witnessed genocidal killings of groups such as the Rohingiya, Muslim women attacked in the streets of London and recently the Chritschurch Mosque shootings which led to the death of over 50 people when a gunman walked into mosques and started indiscriminately shooting congregation members. 

The tragic and horrific incident in New Zealand helped people around the world realise that safety is of paramount concern and relevant precautions need to be undertaken particularly in places of worship which are a common target of hate, crime and anti social behavior.

The CollabDeen team has been working very hard behind the scenes developing a new feature for their app. COSOS (Community SOS) is their upcoming Emergency Alert Feature for Mosques and Islamic Societies around the world.

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Technology can offer more than being a business enabler or enhancer; it can also be a lifesaver. With that, CollabDeen have been able to realise that an immediate intervention & solution is needed for episodes such as earthquakes and floods alongside other emergency situations which may take place in communities at anytime. The proposed method for dealing with these types of issues was formulated by the team behind CollabDeen.

App Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern NZ Prime Minister Shows Solidarity With Muslims After The Christchurch Attack

App & Tech

The main findings from research undertaken were that it was important to be equipped with a security alert system. The CollabDeen entity is building a patent-pending Community SOS Emergency layer on top of the CollabDeen technology platform which can alert community members to danger or an emergency. During an emergency a CollabDeen app user can submit a notification to moderators of a major incident. Moderators can accept and then notify the wider community in that area of the emergency situation all via the CollabDeen app. 

The Community Emergency Response button relies on the CollabDeen community management platform, and with GPS and other technology alerting systems anyone in the community connected to a Mosque/Islamic Centre can raise an emergency. It’s as easy as the physical alert bell usually in the premise, but once clicked, the button will alert all community members discreetly wherever they are present through the app.

CollabDeen have launched a funding round for their COSOS (Community SOS) upcoming Emergency Alert Feature for Mosques and Islamic Societies around the world. The campaign is currently seeking crowd funding using the LaunchGood platform. CollabDeen are looking to raise $20,000.  

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The Community SOS emergency alert feature being designed by the CollabDeen team is extremely important in helping protect Muslim communities around the world. In unprecedented times of danger, heightened tensions, an increase in Islamaphobia and violence this feature is needed now more than ever.

As a valid supporter of this campaign you can donate to the cause and help keep communities safe around the world including women and children and faith centres. In the holy month of Ramadan and beyond donations to valid causes receive multiple benefits and rewards from Allah (swt). You can maximise your rewards in this life and the next.

The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said:

“Charity does not decrease wealth” (Muslim)

By supporting this CollabDeen campaign you have the opportunity to become a part of history and innovation in tech. The Community SOS feature being developed by CollabDeen is an advanced unique proposition point which adds tremendous value to the app itself and the community it serves. By donating today you could potentially help reduce the risk of future emergency situations such as the one that happened in New Zealand and help protect and safeguard the lives of worshippers attending mosques and Islamic centres around the world.

Support the world’s first security enabled platform for communities today, and help take the technology to a new level by helping spread the technology to 3.5 million Mosques or Islamic Centres around the globe:

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What is CollabDeen App & Platform?

CollabDeen is a deep DeepTech, AI-Powered community management platform that helps faith based communities, brands, businesses and influencers to build their social community and build their audience. Admins get a beautiful real time view of their community analytics that helps them participate in the continual development of their community. Businesses now have the ability to build their niche audience in this fast growing global Islamic economy, estimated USD 3.8 Trillion by 2022.     

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