Benefits To Healthy Eating & Increasing Productivity

Benefits To Healthy Eating

Benefits To Healthy Eating

By Christopher Siddell, Halal Incorp

BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING | 15 healthy eating tips

A clean and nutritional diet is an important factor of life in general. However, it is often overlooked as to how vital of an impact it truly has on a person’s productivity, especially within the workplace.

A healthy diet affects not only the body, but the mind as well. Recent studies have shown the incredible impact eating nutritious foods has on a person’s mindset, thoughts and overall happiness.

It has also been proven that there is a direct correlation between a person’s diet and their work ethic. If a person is consuming food with higher nutritional value, such as fruits and vegetables, then their productivity and work effectiveness will see a drastic increase.

Benefits To Healthy Eating

In comparison, if that same individual was eating nothing but fast-food, takeaways, etc, then there would be a noticeable difference in their attitude and capability in the workplace. One of the main reasons for this would be down to their energy levels. Although sugary foods, such as sweets/chocolate, provide a short burst of energy, this is soon followed by a ‘sugar crash’ which essentially drains an individual’s energy levels, leading them to feel less productive.

However, there is a reverse effect when consuming foods such as fruit and vegetables. Fruit, for example, contains fructose, which is a ‘simple sugar’. This has a different effect on the body than artificial sugars found in chocolate, etc. Fructose takes longer to digest and as a result, it enters your blood stream more slowly which means the energy you get from it lasts for a longer period than unhealthy foods. This directly correlates to productivity as the energy in your system lasts longer and doesn’t leave you feeling depleted.

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There are countless different types of food which provide a vast array of vitamins and nutrients to an individual’s body. Certain foods can help various parts of your body thrive and strengthen. For example, specific foods are renowned for being good for the skin, such as eggs and salmon.

Fried Egg on Green Vegetable Benefits To Healthy Eating

Benefits To Healthy Eating

Other foods, such as avocados, are particularly good in keeping a person’s heart healthy. However, when it comes to productivity in the workplace, the most beneficial nutrients arguably come from ‘brain foods’.

The term brain foods is given to types of food which contain nutrients thought to enhance and promote brain function. Unsurprisingly, this makes them a great asset in the drive for higher rates of productivity as they provide the brain with the fuel it needs to work and think harder.

So, what are some examples of these brain foods? One of the most distinguished examples of brain foods are nuts. There are many varieties of nuts, some healthier than others and possessing different properties.

Nuts in general, however, are great in driving productivity within the brain. This is because nuts are packed with Vitamin E which has been shown to help prevent cognitive dysfunction.

Different types of foods such as walnuts are evidenced as assisting in mental performance as well as omega fatty acids which also assist in humans having healthier brain functioning capacity.

Benefits To Healthy Eating

Dr Michael Greger has expressed on numerous occasions the important impact nuts have on the body and mind. Throughout his career, he has researched nuts and their importance, in depth on multiple occasions.

In the past he has even labelled them as ‘the best brain foods’, which truly highlights the benefits they can have on a human being.

Fish is another great addition to add to your diet. Although its not everyone’s cup of tea, fish is up there as being one of the most beneficial foods you can consume. Fish is high in natural and healthy oils, which are a valuable asset to your diet as they contain a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).

Girl in White and Red Floral Dress Holding Black Ceramic Teapot Benefits To Healthy Eating

Benefits To Healthy Eating

These specifically support brain function, memory and neurotransmitter regulation, which enhances your ability to focus. Eggs (the yolks in particular) are an exceptional source of choline which, like the acids in fish, support the neurotransmitters that regulate memory and brain function. This once again shows how eating the right things can prove beneficial in the workplace as your brain is far more stimulated, therefore, leading to an increase in productivity.

Countless healthy eating quotes have come to light, especially in recent years, in an attempt to encourage people of all backgrounds to work on their diet which could lead to a potential improvement of their mindset and mental health.

These quotes are designed to inspire people into taking that first leap into a healthier lifestyle. The goal of these quotes is mainly to encourage people who are potentially lacking motivation to improve themselves. They aim to inform others of the benefits a clean and healthy diet can have on not only your body but your mind as well. Some great examples of these inspirational quotes include:

‘Healthy eating is a sign of self-respect.’

‘It is not a short-term diet. It is a long-term lifestyle change.’

‘The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form on medicine or the slowest form of poison.’

Although these quotes alone won’t necessarily change an individual’s lifestyle and eating habits completely, it is definitely a step in the right direction as it gets you thinking about your own diet and if there are any improvements/changes you could make. It also may provoke a subconscious reaction and make a person realise that something needs to be done to their diet if they are wanting to pursue a healthier and happier life.

Benefits To Healthy Eating

A healthy diet does not mean you cannot eat any of the foods you enjoy anymore, it just means you need to find the right balance. For example, if you are getting all the appropriate nutrients throughout the day, you are allowed to treat yourself to unhealthy options, such as chocolate, all whilst maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

It only becomes an issue when the food you are consuming consists predominantly of unhealthy choices. A balanced diet can also bring some order into your life as you’re making a conscious decision and watching what you’re putting into your body. It may also provide a feeling of accomplishment/achievement as you are actively making an effort to improve yourself. Large quantities of people like to make or follow a dietary plan when switching to a healthier lifestyle.

This is so they can track what they’re eating, and it can also get them into a solid and effective routine. There are countless eating plans out there suited to all different types of people. Eating plans come in all shapes and sizes and they are considerate of: religion (what people can and can’t eat due to their faith), body shape/size (different bodies would require different diet plans), pre-existing dietary complications (such as being allergic to something), medical conditions, veganism/vegetarianism and numerous additional factors. This means that no matter who you are, there will always be a dietary plan fit for you.

Woman in Brown Coat Holding Green Vegetable Benefits To Healthy Eating

Benefits To Healthy Eating & Increasing Productivity

There is often a stigma around healthy/fresh food being especially costly and therefore making it challenging to maintain a healthy diet whilst on a budget. Some argue that this results in unhealthy choices, including takeaways and processed foods, being the easier option for families on a lower income.

However, it is in fact possible to retain a nutritional diet without putting a hole in your wallet. Many local markets and family businesses across the country can offer a vast selection of fresh foods for a more than reasonable price.

Countless of these lesser known, local shops are often a far healthier choice than giant corporations as they sell food which is often far fresher as they don’t have anywhere near as many preservatives pumped into them. Many of them also are produced locally, meaning they are usually as natural and clean as you can get.

Another false myth surrounding healthy foods is that they can be ‘boring’ and ‘tasteless’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is possible to create some of the tastiest dishes with healthy ingredients. There are countless varieties of meals you can create, all whilst using healthier options. Meals can be both rich/full of flavour and include ingredients packed with nutritional value.

To conclude, there is an endless list of benefits which come with switching to a healthier diet. A more nutritious food intake can directly lead to an increase in productivity and happiness. This is a direct cause of healthier foods containing more efficient energy which lasts longer in a person’s body. A direct link can be seen between an individual’s diet and their outlook on life in general. Having a tremendous healthy physique is imperative for a healthy mind.

Disclaimer: The views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of Halal Incorp. Always seek the advice of a professional medical practitioner when planning a diet or where health related issues are apparent.     

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