British Muslimah Entrepreneur Creates New eCommerce Website

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eCommerce is a major field of trade and wealth generation. Websites such as Amazon and eBay have dominated the industry for many years. Millions upon millions of products and goods are sold online ever year. Many individuals have become online and eCommerce millionaires. There are multiple platforms, websites, services and plugins individuals can use to create eComm stores in the digital space. Online stores have the added benefit of less overheads but need to be maintained through regular tech upgrades. eCommerce also allows for products to be delivered directly to the homes of customers often within days and now there are even options for next day delivery.

Entrepreneurship has increased amongst the British Muslim population in recent years as well as the rise of Muslim females who are starting their own businesses in various fields such as modest fashion, coaching, selling children’s toys, gifts, food, arts & craft amongst many other sectors. In uncertain economic times business and entrepreneurship are providing avenues for people to create economic prosperity. Working from home, internet businesses and freelancing have all grown as sectors. The modern person seeks time and freedom of movement and creating a business is one means of achieving these aspirations.

Entrepreneur Khadijah Fernandez Windsor is a East Sussex based British entrepreneur & Islamic clothing designer. Khadijah a revert to Islam and originally from the Philippines  has conceptualised and created an innovative website. Her business has been rebranded from Bismillah Windsor to Princess Windsor. The store has an ecommerce platform which also sells jewellery, hijabs, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, men’s clothing, fashion accessories and healthcare uniforms. Entrepreneurs such as Khadijah are innovating and creating products from all walks of life and backgrounds. Princess Windsor provides a wide range of personalised options, perfect to make your uniform stand out from the crowd and really add identification to your brand. So whether you’re an individual practitioner who would like your company logo, or a larger organisation who requires staff names in addition to your logo, Princess Windsor’s online store can do that through a range of embroidery services.

Khadijah also offers business and management consultancy services working with entrepreneurs and businesses as well as companies. Her services include business coaching and personal development support. She aims to inspire, motivate and help people develop their business acumen.

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