Digital & Online Market Continues To Grow In Pakistan

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The digital age is now more prevalent than at any time in history. Many businesses and companies have online operations as well as retail giants who offer many of their products through online platforms. E commerce is also a popular method of operating businesses in contemporary society. There are now also more mobile devices across the globe with people being able to use a variety of apps to undertake video calling to friends and families even though they might be residing in different continents. All that is required is a mobile device and Wi-Fi or mobile data.

There are an estimated one million people who are obtaining online access every month in Pakistan. The Indian-Sub continent country currently has around 35.1 million internet users, which represents around 18% of the total 194 million population. This still leaves a colossal amount of people in the country who do not yet have access to the internet regularly. The number of users who will have internet access is forecast to rise as broadband systems reach wider areas of Pakistan which is mainly a rural country.

In regards to population size in Asia, Pakistan is the fourth largest country with Indonesia, India and China only surpassing it. The statistics have been correlated by digital marketing agencies Hootsuite and We Are Social. They relayed information that shows internet users in Pakistan swelled by 20 percent in 2016. Social media use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are becoming more popular in Pakistan. The majority of traffic in the country is coming via mobile devices similar to many other regions in the world.

Two years ago it was estimated that Pakistan’s mobile phone market was valued at $840 million. But this figure only accounts for phones imported via legal channels. Many of the popular brands and high end phones are also sold via the black market.

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