Faith Based Brand Launches During Global Pandemic

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Faith based products continue to enter the marketplace in regular intervals

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By Maj Hussain, Halal Incorp

Communities around the world often express what they require as consumers and the marketplace around them may produce according to these needs. However, many mainstream brands have neglected the Muslim pound characterising the spending power of nearly 2 billion people around the world.

Entrepreneurs have for millennia found solutions to problems people face which have then often transferred into lucrative wealth generating opportunities.

“The 2019/20 State of the Global Islamic Economy report presents the continued momentum of the Islamic economy. The report estimates that Muslims spent $2.2 trillion in 2018 across the food, pharmaceutical and lifestyle sectors that are impacted by Islamic faith-inspired ethical consumption needs.” 

The Islamic economy is changing, adapting and developing at unprecedented rates featuring a whole array of diverse product lines and services.

The Islamic economy is fast becoming the ‘buzz’ word in global marketing sectors and industry. With such colossal potential the Islamic economy is creating opportunities like never before. There is also a trend of emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs from Muslim backgrounds who are innovating and creating products, services and goods to meet their needs as well as the needs of the wider Muslim market and beyond.

British Muslim Mubarak Nomani is an experienced entrepreneur who has previously sold products through ecommerce online stores orientated towards children. Mubarak is based in Preston in the north of the UK. Having previously designed baby cot mobiles, play gyms & other products which played verses from the Holy Quran he has innovated yet again and produced a new brand called iToddle.   

Launching his new online eCommerce venture with one initial offering Mubarak is optimistic that the market still has many opportunities for budding entrepreneurs even though there is a current global pandemic. His initial product is a storage box designed mimicking the Holy Kaaba situated in Mecca. This cube shaped building is the direction which every Muslim turns to when offering their five daily prayers in the Islamic faith. The product acts as a storage facility for items such as prayer mats and can store other things also. This doubles up as a useful tool to educate children about the Islamic faith itself.

Earlier this year in March the UK went into lockdown with many countries around the world undertaking similar protocols to protect the public. The Covid-19 virus affected many businesses and start-ups.   

However, iToddle is amongst those brands which actually started and launched during a pandemic. Many businesses have found opportunity in the crisis by opening new ventures which for example deliver fresh food in boxes to your doorstep, apps have been launched where you can order food from and eCommerce sales have gone through the roof.

iToddle is a brand which will be creating unique products from household products to products for toddlers. Products which aren’t readily available or tailored to faith-based communities but would make lives much easier. The iToddle brand will be releasing more itinerary and unique innovative stock very soon.

iToddle Contact:

Mubarak Nomani

Managing Director & Founder



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