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Halal Surf

Halal Surf

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Halal Incorp has begun a new media partnerships with the Malaysian ecommerce organisation Halal Surf. The East Asian nation of Malaysia is a hub for Halal products and services and is a global leader in this sector.

The company was established in Malaysia as a social media platform for Muslims in 2008. In 2015 the company became an online marketplace for consumers interested in Halal products.  Halal Surf‘s products and services are available in 51 OIC countries. The original founder of Halalsurf.com is Rustam Rizalman Bin Ghazalli and was later joined in 2015 by Co-Founder  Kamaruzaman Asri from Integrated Commerce Sdn Bhd who is involved with finance and technical capacity to materialize the objectives of the Muslim market place. Both founders are graduates from the University ITM Dungun Terengganu, Malaysia in Diploma Computer Science. The original founder Rustam has graduated in Bsc (Hons) at Coventry University, United Kingdom (93-96).

Upon launching Halalsurf.Com the team managed to attract many manufacturers, merchants and sellers in Malaysia to trade their products locally and internationally via the ecommerce platform.

In April 2016, Halal Surf launched a new initiative called Gateway to China and Indonesia to help local manufacturers market their products in the Indonesian & Chinese marketplaces.

In Indonesia, there is some trouble getting people on board of the digital finance train. The country holds the world’s largest Muslim population, and there are some concerns about whether the adoption of digital payments and other fintech services are compliant with Islamic laws.

Islamic laws, or Sharia laws, prohibit charging interest, or ‘riba‘ on financial services. Lines are seemingly blurred with popular cashback rebates and discounts (which comes as perks with digital banking) — clerics are divided on whether these are considered riba.

To see the full range of products available on Halal Surf visit their website below:


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