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Halal Incorp

Staff Writer, Halal Incorp

Halal Incorp: Social Impact is an organisation that has been set up to operate in the ever expanding global Halal market. The organisation is based in Manchester in the North West of England. Manchester is arguably known as the second city of the country and has a growing start-up and tech scene.

Halal Incorp Bringing You The Islamic Economy 

We are well located close to good infrastructure links with access to major cities such as Leeds and Birmingham. Our organisation was created to act as a consultancy platform to help develop the Halal sector locally, nationally and internationally. We also aim to provide advocacy for Halal principles and increase the element of Halal in the wider market place. We help organisations, companies, third sector entities, businesses, governmental departments amongst others develop engagement strategies to enter Halal markets.

We are also assisting companies with branding and provide various levels of strategical and training support. The Halal market is very diverse and can relate to a variety of aspects such as clothing, fashion, design, meat, food, pharmaceuticals, confectionaries, tech, process, protocol etc. The Halal market is expanding at colossal rates and is expected to grow continuously. With international location such as Malaysia, Dubai and Brunei leading in the Halal sector, we believe the UK has a role to play in creating opportunity, business and knowledge development in the Halal sector.

There are approximately just over 2 billion Muslims in the world and also many non Muslims who are interested in Halal products which can also often fall into the bracket of ethical and social impact driven goods. Hence the target market for new entrants is colossal and it is realistically achievable to sell products or services to this segment. This is an exciting period for investors to create start-ups or bring existing companies into the Halal market as the opportunities are vast and innovation is the key to gaining market share, prosperity and success. We will be blogging, discovering, travelling and journeying around different parts of the UK and internationally also to bring you the latest developments in the Halal industry and sector.

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