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Sojourn Tours is an Australian-based company offering Muslim-friendly group tours as well as private, customised tours to travellers from across the globe. Their aim is to create authentic, unforgettable travel experiences for the modern Muslim.

Its founder, Sumaiya Suleman says although professionally she is a Chartered Accountant, she has always had a passion for travel and, in particular, visiting places rich in Islamic History. After taking some time away from the corporate world to travel, she decided to venture into the entrepreneurship field but was unsure of exactly what she wanted to do.

When an opportunity presented itself for Sumaiya to put together an Islamic Heritage tour of Cape Town, her favourite destination due to its rich Islamic History, incredible natural beauty and unique inviting culture, she decided this was her calling and her company, Sojourn Tours was born.

Although initially, Sumaiya’s focus was on Cape Town, she soon realised there was an interest to visit other cities in South Africa as well as its neighbouring countries. She has now teamed up with local tour guides in each city who ensure the unique needs of the Muslim traveller are catered for, including access to prayer facilities and a variety of halal food options while at the same time providing history, context and insight into each place they visit.

To date, Sojourn Tours has successfully run tours of South Africa, Victoria Falls and Zanzibar and looking forward, Sumaiya’s vision is to offer her clients a diverse selection of destinations to choose from.

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Halal Travel and the Millennials:

The Halal travel sector is now expanding at an unparallel rate with Halal travel expected to shoot up to US$300B by 2026.

According to “Halal Travel Frontier 2018”, an industry report published by Crescent Rating in conjunction with MasterCard, the size of the Halal travel industry is expected to skyrocket with more millennials entering the workforce and pocketing greater disposable incomes. A large chunk of this growth is fuelled by millennial Muslim travellers in the fast-growing economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Gulf countries.

Millennials are shaking up the travel industry with their penchant for authentic, unique experiences. As a millennial herself, Sumaiya believes she has a good understanding of the needs of these individuals and hopes to create tour packages that will indulge the desires of this growing demographic.

With South Africa and Indonesia tipped to be major travel destinations for Muslims in 2019, Sumaiya hopes this will lend to the growth of her company, Sojourn Tours.

If you would like to join Sojourn Tour’s upcoming group tour titled “Best of the Beautiful Cape & Safari” from 21 February – 2 March 2019, where you’ll get to experience the wonderful highlights of Cape Town, travel along the scenic and adventure filled Garden Route and view the Big 5 animals at a 5 Star, Muslim owned Game Reserve:

Visit: https://www.sojourntours.com.au/tour-item/best-of-the-beautiful-cape-tour/

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