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Islamic App

Islamic App

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In the contemporary digital world apps are becoming a regular occurrence and feature for many consumers in the marketplace. Millions of appswere available for download in leading app stores as of the first quarter of 2019. Android users were able to choose between 2.1 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 1.8 million available apps. As more individuals gain access to the online space and smart phones become a household commodity opportunities are becoming more abundant. Brands have the capability to build and sustain an online following now like never before.

Communities have existed since the dawn of time and throughout ancient civilisations. People tend to band together for safety, strength, engagement and functionality. Similarly in today’s world online communities create avenues for deep, long-term engagement with customers, followers and fans. You probably also know that gathering your most loyal followers into their own dedicated space makes them feel part of something and much more likely to continue using your products and services. This also creates a sense of community belonging. Community belonging is a natural element which humans strive for. Having an online space for this will help build your brand and following.

As well as this highly engaged customers spend up to twice as much with their favourite brands. Customers who join a brand’s online community spend on average 20% more than those who don’t. A community app can help increase annual revenues by 5%?

A digital community should help direct people to you and act as a way for you to provide value to them even outside of your conventional products and services. Essentially, there should be conversation that’s relevant to your industry but doesn’t necessarily revolve around your own products. This gives people incentive & encouragement to keep coming back that feels more credible and less self-serving to the brand and not only will they be interacting with you, they’ll likely be interacting with other members, too.

These communities will build loyalty and advocacy, and members will tell their friends and peers all the great things about it. It can bring in new customers, and nurture the relationships that you already have.

Islamic App: CollabDeen

The CollabDeen app is one such space where individuals can build their brands, businesses and communities online. Any entity or organisation can register on the platform and start sharing content within a couple of minutes. The Islamic app focuses on bringing together various Islamic lifestyle sectors into one space. This will help those with an affiliation or interest in the Islamic lifestyle industry to join and find relevant content.

The CollabDeen Islamic App also allows for individuals once registered to share the Islamic app with friends and family, with the share option. If you create your community on this Islamic app and provide regular content you can efficiently build a following and enhance brand reputation. The Islamic app is also suitable for non-profits and faith institutions such as mosques.

Developing a strong, enthusiastic community online can help even e-commerce businesses make up for the fact that they may not have that face-to-face interaction with their customers on a regular basis. It increases advocacy and loyalty, and will help keep your customers around much longer while simultaneously drawing new customers in. Community building is a long-term and time-intensive effort, but it’s one that will pay off many times over if you make the investment.

Apps now provide a ‘cool’ integrated method for individuals to build a community online. Many apps have various integration features which allow them to connect with payment gateways and a variety of software. Also apps are trendy with younger users particularly those from a millennial background. However as technology evermore dominates lifestyles older members of society are now also embracing the use of apps.

Apps create a medium for individuals to share content, build up connections, virtually network and are easily accessible with the click of one button quite often. Building an online community takes focus and dedication as well as persistence and regular action. Building a community online will create additional avenues for marketing products and increasing revenue as well as generating leads.  

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