Islamic Digital Economy: Turn Your Mosque Into A Smart Mosque Within Seconds

Islamic digital economy

Islamic Digital Economy

Singapore: Technology has changed the way a whole generation practices religion. From hearing the call of prayer on cell phone applications, to Muslims knowing in what direction to pray, to looking up different passages and verses from any Holy Book, to learning lessons and definitions of any term, to connecting with believers anywhere in the world, technology has completely altered the way a whole generation practices their religion.

Within the Islamic digital economy technology has made religion more accessible, especially for Muslims, especially during this month of Ramadan. 56% of the world’s present population uses their phone to learn about community events or activities, but is there a technology platform to scale to the needs of the Muslim population?

Explore The Islamic Digital Economy With The CollabDeen App

CollabDeen, is the world’s first technology platform for communication and collaboration neatly designed for Muslim communities and a shining beacon within the Islamic digital economy. Now turn Your Mosque Into A Smart Mosque!

CollabDeen is an app backed with a platform which transforms your mosque digitally.

At CollabDeen, they are building a Smart Mosque App for every community! As a design-centric company, they’re dedicated to bring in seamless and fast communication experiences in this technological world by engaging real people that use the platform daily. Their primary goal is to enable and enrich the communities and life experiences of their target market. With a team of highly skilled and passionate individuals who are committed to upholding thier core values of customer centricity, innovation, and excellence.


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CollabDeen connects your mosque to your audience for engagement, communication and futuristic collaboration, to connect with the Muslims in their community, and now users can connect to one or more Mosque to get instant updates and feeds from their respective community.

Islamic Digital Economy


Push-notifications can be sent regularly to your audience to inform and remind them about your upcoming events, RSVP to your event, be aware of facilities in the premise to make community administrator’s lives easier. These are only a few of the exciting features of the CollabDeen App, there’s more! CollabDeen allows you to totally control the managing aspects of the mosque like membership, donations, shared resources and community news/updates. The daily update of Islamic content and utility features will help you gain more spiritual knowledge. Furthermore, you can also live stream your events and the latest occurrences so people all around the world can catch up with what’s happening in your mosque. Not surprisingly, all these are completed via your Mobile phone and as simple as texting or emailing. A Step in digitalising Islam, CollabDeen is a step forward to unite Muslims of the world and help them introduce their mosques to a global audience. This is a great initiative which hasn’t been utilised before, but CollabDeen has exceeded expectations by creating a leading masterpiece through tech evolution.

Islamic Digital Economy: CollabDeen is really the only one-stop shop solution for community management. The best part of this app is that the community members listen to their admins and improve their bonding, bringing more people together for events than ever before and features daily duas!

“CollabDeen is exactly what a small to big-size community needs.” Farisulla Karim, Mohamed Mosque

Islamic Digital Economy

How Can You Get It?

Currently it’s up for a pre-beta campaign on the Launchgood platform, and their are already signups from over 10 countries and a very good response has been noted from global communities. You can visit their website to get the latest updates about the app. At the moment they are hand-picking limited-communities in each city world-wide for a FREE mobile platform for a year. You can reserve your mosque App by sharing your email on their website.

With all private and public communities, you can make sure your community content is only restricted to members approved by the admin of the community. Visit the website and subscribe to their mailing list to learn more.

CollabDeen’s friendly team will contact you shortly for initial consultation to determine your specific needs in technological services.

CollabDeen is indeed a revolutionary app which will help your Mosque become globally recognised. We’re so excited to see this initiative in action as it will unite Muslims all around the world.

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