Jeff Bezos & Love For Luxury Real Estate

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

By Muna Abukar, Halal Incorp

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The incredible homes of the richest CEO’s are in the United States of America. The reason they are in America is because of what it has to offer in terms of its homes and jobs as well which is key. The renovations of the houses are very stylish and luxurious. America has various states so it’s not surprising that this is the case.

Take Jeff Bezos as an example. A CEO who is an American entrepreneur who owns one of the most incredible homes that costs approximately $165 million estate in Beverly hills. It’s a square foot mansion13,600. This famous CEO was once an ordinary man. Let’s go back to his early years and find out about his background before diving into deep topics like him owning one of the most incredible homes within the United States of America.

Who Jeff is and where he was born-

Jeff’s full name is Jeffery Preston Bezos. Jeff started life as he was born in1964, in Albuquerque. His mother’s name was Jacklyn and father was called Theodore Jorgensen. Bezos’s mother had him at a young age at the age of 17 whilst being a high school student herself.

Jeff Bezos

His biological father was 19, Bezos’s mother used to attend night school brining him as a baby along with her. She divorced from Bezos’s father and married a Cuban immigrant called ‘Miguel Mike Bezos’ in April 1968. After she got married Mike decided to adopt Jeffery who was at the age of four at that time which resulted in his surname to be legally changed from Jorgensen to Bezos’s instead. After Jeffs adopted father received his degree from the university of Mexico the whole family moved to Texas.

Bezos’s education-

Moreover, in terms of education Jeff attended elementary school in Houston called River Oaks. He attended from fourth grade till sixth. Bezos would spend a lot of time in his youth during summers in his family Ranch which is located near Cotulla, Texas. This is when Bezos’s maternal grandfather retired from his work. Bezos’s maternal grandfather was Lawrence Preston Gise, a regional director of the US Atomic Energy Commission in Albuquerque. Eventually he retired from his position as a regional director.

Bezos’s buying the family ranch-

This is when Bezos’s entrepreneur skills started as he invested in this ranch, personally bought, and decided to expand it. This resulted in terms of the expansion to extend from approximately 25,000 acres to 300,000 acres. Bezos’s also showed an interest in technological and scientific matters so much so that in terms of technological ability he once set up an alarm just so that he can keep his younger siblings out of his room. Once again, we see Bezos as having a skill in matters he is deeply interested in. It really is not surprising that he became successful later down the line as he had demonstrated that he had the capabilities from a considerably young age.

Bezos’s high school and university years-

Once again Bezos’s whole family uprooted to Miami, Florida. Bezos’s attended high school in Miami called Palmetto High School. Bezos’s was working when it was the breakfast shift at McDonald’s as well as attending high school. Bezos’s worked as a short order line cook at McDonald’s. Bezos’s also joined the student science training programme at the university of Florida. Bezos’s future was shown to be promising when he was recognised and received multiple titles and award for his academic achievements. He received a Silver Knight Award in the year 1982.

Bezos’s academic success and awards he has achieved-

Bezo’s became a national merit scholar and a high school valedictorian. Here we see Bezos’s shining academically and already surpassing academically many of his peers. It is clear he put his sharp mind into great use later down the track. This means that becoming a CEO like Bezos’s personally you must have the skillset from an early age. Bezos’s had graduated ‘summa cum laude’ from Princeton University with a GPA of 4.2 and this was the year 1986. He got three different degrees such as Bachelor of Science Engineering degree.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Bezos’s career and employment–

Bezos’s graduated from college in 1986. He was offered jobs at several places, this includes a job at Anderson Consulting, at Bell’s lab and intel as well. Bezos’s first job was at a fintech telecommunications start up at Fitel. There he was dealing with international trade in order to build a network, this is what he was assigned to do. He got promoted afterwards to the head development and director of customer service.

We are starting to see a pattern here. Bezos’s exceeding at the work he does which leads to promotions and being awarded by being offered different opportunities which advances his employment positions.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos’s working in different industries-

Bezos’s than further turned towards the banking industry when he became the project manager at a place called Banker’s trust. He worked there for approximately two years between the years of 1988 till 1990. He then decided to join the ‘D.E. Shaw& Co’, this was at that time a recently founded hedge fund with strong emphasis on mathematical modelling in 1990. Bezos’s worked their till 1994 before becoming senior vice president at age 30.

The founding of Amazon-

Bezos decided at the end of 1993 to create an online bookstore. This is followed by him personally quitting his job at the D.E. shaw and founding Amazon which all took place in his garage in 1994 on July 5th. Bezos’s business capabilities were seen once he drew up a business plan on a ‘cross-country drive from New York to Seattle’. However, before settling in Seattle Bezos’s covered every aspect and demonstrated this intellectually when he invested his time in investigating at the Indian reservation which was located near San Francisco. This was done in order to elude paying taxes.  

Prior to Bezos’s company name being Amazon, he first named it Cadabra before deciding Amazon and the inspiration behind this name was because of the South American river called Amazon as well. Bezos’s took an interest into this because A is the first letter in the alphabet, He thought this through very strategical because when customers would conduct their research on online searches the letter A would appear quicker.

Bezos’s homes and how many he is in ownership of in the states-

Bezos owns a total of 6 homes within his multi-million real estate collection. This includes a home in Beverly hills that comprises of two mansions at approximately $24.5million. The interior design of this consists of thirteen elegant master bedrooms with eleven baths in total. He also owns another property in the same area. This is located at the hilltop, and he purchased it for $90million.

Bezos also has the Harry Warner estate that was built for the famous Warner brothers, Harry Warner. This estate was passed down from one famous individual to another. Bezos’s purchased the house from one person called David Geffen, a billionaire from an estimated number around $165million. The estate takes up around 190,000 square feet of area. The area captures around 9 acres in terms of land. The interior includes tennis courts, a movie theatre, French gardens, golf courses, exquisite infinity pools, guest houses, bars, bathrooms, bedrooms, and personal gas pumps for Bezos when he recharges his exclusive automobiles.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos’s has an estate in Washington DC. After he became the Washington Post owner, he decided to purchase an estate in Washington. This estate used to be a textile museum of some kind in the Kalorama area. He purchased this estate for $23million and spent an additional $12million on it as well. This estate covers approximately 27,000 square feet and the interior consists of eleven fireplaces, ten bedrooms, six powder rooms as well as eight bathrooms.

Bezos’s also owns a ranch in west Texas. The ranch in of it itself spreads around approximately 165,000 acres. He also owns properties in New York. Three apartments that are in a central park building which he purchased in the year of 1999. It cost him a total of $7.6million. However, the name of the apartment building has now changed to ‘Billionaire’s Row’. Bezos’s decided to purchase another apartment in 2012 in the same area building in the posh part of New York city. He bought it for $5.3million and the interior consists of private spa’s, a private doorman and a childcare centre.

The Median Washington estates holds a special place for Bezos because it was his first time that he purchased an enormous estate as such. His choice of location is one of many. This is because Median Washington is the chosen residence of many technological billionaires.

The likes of Bill Gates’s owning his own estates and houses there is very telling and rationalizes as to why Bezos’s would want to personally invest in ownership in Median. Bezos decided to purchase another property in Median for approximately $50million and again spent an additional $28million on renovations.

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