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One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA & Italy: George Clooney

By Muna Abukar, Halal Incorp

George Clooney Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

One of the most expensive houses in the world is owned by a famous American celebrity that is an actor and   filmmaker with a whopping $100million house in Italy, he also has a grand home in the USA. This is none other than George Clooney himself. Before we delve into the topic of Clooney’s home, we should get to know him a little.

When was Clooney born and where?

Clooney was born May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky. His mother was a city councilwoman and beauty queen called Nina. His father’s name is Nick Clooney and he is no ordinary man. He was a television host that ran five years on the AMC network and he is a former anchor man. Clooney’s background is of German, Irish and English lineage.

Where does Clooney stand in terms of religion?

Clooney was raised a rigorous Roman Catholic. Though, his religious status is rather questionable and ironic considering he himself stated in 1998 that he did not know if he believed “in heaven, or even god’. Seems like Clooney had other ideas concerning religion despite his background of being raised as a Catholic.

One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

What is Clooney’s educational background?

Clooney’s educational background is one of many. He attended several schools that included his first ever education school at Blessed Sacrament school in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. This followed in a series of other schools that Clooney attended. The second being St Michael’s school in Worthington, Ohio. Then Clooney attended Western Row elementary school in Mason, Ohio where he worked as an altar boy.

How has Clooney’s health deteriorated?

Clooney’s parents again uprooted him back to his origin of birth and that is Kentucky when he was mid-way through the seventh grade. However, a tragedy happened as Clooney developed a condition called bell’s palsy. This is a medical condition that partially paralyzes the face. Having moved back to Augusta Kentucky, Clooney attended high school in Augusta.

What grades was Clooney getting in school?

Any physical activities he was participating in? He was a high achiever receiving A’s and B’s in school. As well as being academic Clooney was physically fit and active. In particular Clooney was interested in basketball and baseball. This inspired Clooney to try to play baseball professionally with Cincinnati Reds during 1977 but he could not be due to the fact that he did not pass the first round of player cuts and as a result he was not offered a contract. This meant that he could not pursue a career in baseball.

George Clooney | Mr. Nespresso. One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

What universities Clooney was attending?

After his failed attempts at pursuing a career in baseball Clooney decided on attending university at northern Kentucky from the years of 1979 to 1981. Clooney took lessons in broadcasting journalism and temporarily attended the university of Cincinnati but unfortunately did not graduate from both these universities.

One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

After not graduating from university, what was Clooney doing?

Clooney decided to work in various jobs after not graduating university. His status was employed, and his income came from actively working in different jobs. This included cutting tobacco, working in construction, collecting insurance door to door, stocking shelves, and lastly selling women’s shoes.

What was Clooney’s first acting role?

In 1978 Clooney landed his first role as an extra in Centennial on television. The inspiration behind this series is a novel that has the same name as James Albert Michener. This was partially filmed in Clooney’s hometown Augusta, Kentucky. It was suitable for Clooney geographically and a bit of an ease as it meant that he did not have to travel far for some parts of the series considering it was in his hometown.

What was Clooney’s first major role?

Clooney’s first huge role came from his first drama in 1984. A long running medical drama called E/R. Since that drama, Clooney took part in various other series. This includes playing a handyman in the series ‘the facts of life’, in the series of; the golden girls’ Clooney played a detective called Bobby Hopkins.

One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

What other roles did Clooney participate in?

Clooney in 1988 took part in the comedy horror movie called’ return of the killer tomatoes. Here, it would appear Clooney’s career became promising. Whilst attending as a student at the Beverly Hills playhouse acting school for a lengthy five years in 1990 Clooney still starred in the brief-lived ABC police drama called ‘Sunset Beat’. Here we learn of Clooney’s work ethic and dedication. This consists of starring on many shows and film whilst being a student at the same time. Clooney starred in many more films and series which lasted decades.

Where did Clooney’s breakthrough come from?

Clooney’s breakthrough came from Clooney playing doctor Dough Ross in the lengthy medical drama ER on NBC from 1994 to 1999. He got standing ovations and obtained two primetime Emmy award nominations for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. This was during the years of 1995 and 1996 as well.

What awards and Emmys did Clooney receive?

Over the years Clooney had done many other project series and films to which he received various awards and Emmy’s for, ie. his best actor performances. He often was nominated for different awards as well. For instances he was nominated for the BAFTA award, Academy Award and many more. Clooney was awarded for more awards such as the DeMille Lifetime Achievement award and the Golden Globe Cecil B Award.

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One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

What humanitarian work has Clooney done?

Clooney has taken part in numerous humanitarian works. This includes being involved in ‘not on our watch project’ which is an organization whose main aim is to get global attention and resources in order to prevent mass atrocities. This followed by the likes of Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle joining in alongside other celebrities. Clooney also established the fundraiser ‘hope for Haiti now’ in 2010. This was particularly tremendously beneficial due to the donations made for the Haiti earthquake casualties.

What does it all display about Clooney overall?

It is clear that Clooney’s source of wealth is from decades of his professional acting career. Whilst it may be easy to assume that Clooney partly got to where he is because of his powerful, well-connected father, my opinion differs from this as It is displayed that this is not the case. Clooney’s background didn’t give him the upper hand. He made it merely on his own through his own merits. Hard work and dedication played a key role, so much so that Clooney accumulated a significant amount of profit from participating in different films and series. 

Of course, the upside to having such an interesting career choice is being able to afford luxurious expensive homes that most of us dream of having ownership of. Clooney’s no exception to this as he owns a prestige villa.

One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA & Italy

Where is Clooney’s villa Located?

The villa is located in Villa Oleandra in Laglio, Italy. The interior design surrounding this massive villa includes a pool, gym, tennis court and things with a range of modern elements as such. The interior itself is very spacious with numerous bedrooms, living rooms and things of that nature. This villa is considered one of the most expensive homes which is no surprise seeing as though it is estimated to be around $ 100million.

Where is Clooney’s six-bedroom mansion?

Clooney is not only in ownership of the villa he has in Italy. Clooney owns a six-bedroom mansion in California. Clooney purchased this in 1995 for roughly less than $1million. It is estimated to be around 7,300 square foot home that he got from Stevie Nicks a former Fleetwood mac star. The interior is another spacious and luxurious one.

It consists of a kitchen with its own personal island, breakfast bar and Clooney’s own office. Clooney acquired this house when he was newly in the spotlight and also famous. This was during the time when he rose to fame during his first few years in ER a medical drama series that lasted for a lengthy amount of time.

He was looking at a large place to buy and it is no coincidence that he chose a mansion that is in the backstreet away from being seen or noticed. He was very particular in selecting this mansion as he wanted some privacy away from the public eye so that paparazzi wouldn’t be around his home and the fans who enjoyed the series, he was starring in.

George Clooney & Amal Clooney One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

Who does Clooney share the homes with?

Clooney shares this with wife Amal Clooney, a Lebanese woman whose profession is a barrister and his children. Clooney and wife Amal have two children. The pair welcomed twins in 2017 a boy and a girl called Alexander and Ella Clooney.

One Of The Most Expensive Houses USA

To conclude, it is well known that celebrities tend to own houses with a great magnitude of interior designs and homes that are expensive in terms of costs. Here we see Clooney a perfect example of this. We also learn that aside from celebrities owning expensive homes the interior itself is what makes the homes expensive.

For example, some of their homes consist of their favourite leisure activities that they love to do and at the same time do not have to travel in order to access. Some of them have gym gear within the vicinity of their homes in order to workout with, cinemas to watch films with without the extra added pressure of other people also watching alongside you.

Furthermore, the advantages of this are it being less noisy and not having to pay all the time to watch your films. These are some of the thing’s celebrities have within their interior homes which in my opinion is a benefit of having.

Overall, this showcases that the homes being expensive isn’t shocking because of all the elements that they entail. Personal designs, various spacious rooms that less be honest can fit around 20 people and this is the downstairs rooms alone without counting the bedrooms. The bedrooms are also very widened, considerably very roomy as well with comfortable mattresses and beds.

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