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By Maj Hussain,

Preston: In an ever technologically advancing world the requirement for apps continues to grow year on year. There are millions of apps currently available on Google Play Store and the Apple iOS. With the increasing use of smart phones and regular advancement in tech more users are opting to use apps as a means of helping them undertake daily tasks, lifestyle, entertainment and for business. The vast majority of individuals use apps for social media followed by messaging and communication. However there are many other sectors apps are also used for in addition to this.

The global Islamic economy is expanding and creating many opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs. The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2018/19 estimates that Muslims spent US$2.1 trillion across the food, beverage and lifestyle sectors in 2017, and forecasts spending to reach US$3 trillion by 2023. By category, food and beverage leads Muslim spend at US$1.3 trillion, followed by fashion at US$270 billion, media and recreation at US$209 billion, travel at US$177 billion, pharmaceuticals at US$87 billion and cosmetics at US$61 billion.

However there is a clear gap in the market for Halal media in its various elements targeted at different consumer markets. One consumer segment is the children’s market. There is a clear deficiency in the number of apps and content catering for the needs of Muslim children. Muslim children are the future generations who will contribute to society, help build the legacy and aspirations of parents today.    

The Mini Muslims App – Islamic App

Mini Muslims is an ecommerce online store which was developed by a Preston based family in the UK. The family had problems with their baby. The issues stemmed around the sleeping patterns of the young child. Their baby had difficulties sleeping at night for months on end which also made it difficult for the parents to get any rest due to sleepless nights. These problems continued for many months.

Eventually after a period of time the family realised that when playing the Holy Quran the child would go to sleep much more effectively. This then led to the creation of the Mini Muslims brand which would create baby products and an online space for a toy house for young children.

Fast forward a few years now the Mini Muslims brand have launched their own child friendly Mini Muslim app providing alternative Halal media targeted at Muslim children and families. With the vast array of unsuitable media currently available online the Mini Muslim app provides a viable alternative for entertaining children through an Islamic ethos and vision.

The Muslim app offers:

A range of suitable and safe content for children including:

– Entertaining Islamic Cartoons

– Nasheeds

– Qur’anic videos and audio

– Du’as and lullabies

The users of the Mini Muslim app are able to select their own favorite playlists and listen to these and watch for as long as they like. The app includes a store front for parents where they can purchase classic items such as the Islamic Cot Mobile, which plays Quran recitations. Another popular feature is the section which showcases Muslim boys and girls names. This is great for parents who have new born babies and are exploring potential names for their children. The app also promotes the Islamic faith and is family orientated. There are daily Islamic reminders available for users.

Parents can really help educate their children in an Islamic environment and allow them to access Halal media which will benefit them educationally & spiritually. The Islamic orientated content available on the Mini Muslims app is suitable for young children to grow and develop with, promoting their wellbeing and wellness.     

Mini Muslims announced last year that it became an exclusive distributor for Maarij Group in South Africa. This unique collaboration meant that Maarij Group would help stockists in South Africa access high quality Mini Muslims products & receive a seamless customer experience. This announcement added to the many distribution deals that Maarij Group has in place for the South Africa Region.  

You can download the Mini Muslim App On Android & Apple:

Visit The Mini Muslims Website: Click Here

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