Muslim Holidays 2018: Journey With Sabeel Travels

Muslim holidays 2018

Muslim Holidays 2018

According to the Pew Research Centre in just over four decades the Muslim demographic globally will rise to 3 billion. For those with foresight it is a clear indication that the Halal travel market will expand at an exponential rate. This will create a colossal amount of opportunities for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. A recently published report ‘Global Economic Impact Of Muslim Tourism And Future Growth Projection: 2017 –2020′ highlights this. The report will be available on the 25th of October on the Salam Standard website.

One part of the world which is forecast to expand rapidly in relation to outbound Muslim travel expenditure is Asia, moving from US$20.9 billion in 2017 to US$29.6 billion in 2020. Indonesia, China and Malaysia, fueled by flourishing economies, an emerging middle class and a younger group of travellers in the next couple of years are set to contribute around 17% of the total global Muslim outbound expenditure, exceeding the entirety of the European countries that will collectively contribute just 17%.

Vice Presdient of Ogilvy Noor Shelina Jan Mohammed refers to the rise of ‘Generation M‘ in her book. This segment of young people are in better professions, tech savy, have excess disposable income and desire products in line with their faith. Mainstream brands have ignored millions of Muslim youth globally, this is a market with a lot of untapped potential in the $billions.

Muslim Holidays 2018: Halal Travel Agencies

Muslim Holidays 2018
Petra, Jordan

Independent travel agents and travel agencies have increasingly appeared in the UK. Many of these entities are providing services for travellers with insatiable appetites for exploration and new experiences. In the past many British Muslims from the UK would travel to their ancestral lands to visit family during summer holidays. However this has incrementally changed and now many people want to visit new destinations around the globe which offer culture, food and adventure.

Take for example a visit to Amman, Jordan which is becoming a more popular country to visit. Jordan is rich in heritage and ancient history. Ancient ruins in places such as Petra have played the settings for famous Hollywood movies. Jordan also boasts ancient Roman architecture, Nabatean culture, Crusader forts as well as Byzantium ruins.

Muslim Holidays 2018: Sabeel Travel Tours

Its one of the many tours and destinations Sabeel Travels based in Birmingham in the West Midlands provide.

Muslim holidays 2018
The Holy Kabbah, Makkah

Some of their most popular packages are spiritual journeys to Umrah and the annual Hajj. These journeys to the holy land are popular as part of Islamic travel packages agents provide. Millions of Muslims perform the annual Hajj. The spiritual journey aims to follow in the footsteps of the patriarch Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and recounts his experiences and some of the challenges he faced.

Muslim Holidays 2018
Prophet’s Mosque Medinah

Sabeel Travels provide majestic tours to the holy cites of Makkah & Medinah located in Saudi Arabia. This is because it is a part of the Islamic faith to undertake the Hajj once in a lifetime. It is dependent on the financial and health of the individual if this is possible or not. Sabeel Travels provides a tailored service which puts the customer at the heart of its work. With efficient and effective services travellers can expect a positive experience.

The Dome Of The Rock
Muslim holidays 2018
Al-Aqsa Compound

Sabeel Travels also provide packages for travel to the third most holiest site in the Islamic faith the Al Aqsa compound in Palestine. Within this area is also located the iconic Dome of the Rock. It is easily recognisable by it’s glittering golden dome. Islamic beliefs stipulate that the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) visited Masjid Al Aqsa on his night journey. The night journey is known as ‘Isra and Miraj’ in Arabic. The Prophet traveled across the heavens and spoke to Allah (swt).

Hashimi Hotel In Jerusalem

Both of these holy places are at the centre of Jerusalem city. Jerusalem is a multi faith location with ancient historical roots. Sabeel Travels provide exhilarating tours of the Old City in Jerusalem. The hotels used by Sabeel Travels are in the heart of the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem with Panoramic views of the Al Aqsa compound. There are also excursions undertaken in other areas such as Hebron. The Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) tomb is also located in Hebron. The travel company also provides combined packages such as Istanbul & Al Aqsa, Istanbul & Umrah. By travelling on Sabeel tours you can experience the magic and tranquility of these sites.

Sabeel Travels also caters for adventurous travellers with fun activities such as quad biking, desert picnics & nights out in the Madinah amongst other activities. In addition to this guided tours with local guides in Al Aqsa, Istanbul & Jordan are also available.

Muslim Holidays 2018: Traverse Europe With Sabeel Travels

Muslim holidays 2018
Istanbul, Turkey
Muslim holidays 2018
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Muslim holidays 2018
Bera Alanya Resort, Turkey

Sabeel Travels also caters for Halal family holidays including amazing resorts such as Bera Alanya in Turkey.  Istanbul is a multi-cultural and multi faith city.  It was once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. The city was the gem of Byzantine and hosts a multitude of cultures, traditions, cuisines, Islamic architecture and remnants of the Ottoman Empire. The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet) & Haghia Sophia, Basilica & Topkapi Palace are just a few top tourist attractions. Halal travel across the nation of Turkey is now more popular than ever before.  Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a great travel destination for Muslim travellers. Located in Europe it’s vast tracks of nature and landscape are appealing to the eye. The Balkan country is a ancient crossroads for travellers merging east and west.

Muslim Holidays 2018 & 2019: Sabeel Travel Offers

Muslim holidays 2018

Muslim holidays 2018

Muslim Holidays 2018: See What Past Customers Had To Say

Muslim holidays 2018

Muslim Holidays 2018: Sabeel Travels Ltd

Sabeel Travels Ltd ensures to make people travel with peace of mind by providing them efficient problem free travel arrangements at low cost. Our aim is to deliver overall satisfaction to our travellers and at the same time, fulfilling their every possible need requirements and expectations to the blessed Lands of Makkah Madinah and Jerusalem.

Apart from providing excellent fares around the world on a huge range of acclaimed airlines, our specialist area is Deluxe Hajj and Umrah travel. Our specially formulated packages are designed for your maximum convenience. Everything we do can be ‘tweaked’ to create a tailor made solution that fits your individual needs perfectly.

We have deals for everyone, from single travellers to large groups.
Performing Hajj or Umrah is a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to experience the magnificence of the occasion. Our aim is to provide travel packages designed to allow you to savour the magic of being in the presence of the most beautiful scenario imaginable. By carefully selecting the best hotels and travel, we can make sure you’re accommodation is as close as possible to the Haram Shareef itself and your journeys are as relaxing as they can be.

As acting agents of ATOL holders we work closely with industry-leading suppliers as we ensure that you are given the best deal when travelling with us.




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