Pakistan is Winning the War of Mangoes Against India

By Syed Zarar

According to Center for Environment and Agriculture, Pakistan has surpassed India in export of mangoes to international markets. This is a remarkable achievement when you consider that Pakistan achieved the feat despite having 10 times less mango production than its eastern neighbour.

The total shares of Indian mango production stands at 36% and remarkably, its mango trade is less than 3%.

Pakistan has 10x less mango production than India but still has more exports.

Data from Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) revealed that in 2014 alone, Pakistan produced 1.72 million tonnes of mango whereas India led the mango production with 18.43 million tonnes.

India exported 42,998 mangoes from their total production while Pakistan managed to export 65,000 units from their limited resources. In 2015, Pakistan improved on their exports and managed 1, 27,000 units whereas India’s exports actually fell to around 36,000.

A year ago, Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, Pakistan’s minister for food security and research said:

Efforts are underway to make Pakistan the world’s largest exporter of mango.

Although Middle-East is the major destination for Indian mangoes, European Union is Pakistan’s preferred destination for mango exports.

India agreed terms with countries such as Australia, Korea and New Zealand to deliver mangoes in the near future to up their exports but having mentioned that, Pakistan leads India by quite a margin.

Furthermore, it was also reported that India has faced a 40% dip this year due to deteriorating quality of its mango produce, which will surely have lingering effects since every country wants to import good quality products.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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