KUALA LUMPUR – PEACHES & PEN (P&P) today launched the POWER OF WORDS (POW) project that sees a series of programs for writers and budding writers wanting to express and share their words with the world.  This is an effort by P&P founders who are devoted students of words to provide a safe haven for writers to dive into their being and surface with stories to tell, with the main event being the Power of Words Retreat in August 19th – 24th, 2019 in Langkawi, Malaysia.

For POW Retreat, P&P is collaborating with LADA and renowned Gurus who have worked with hundreds of people achieve breakthroughs in their lives using various techniques including breathing, visualization, affirmations and theatre.  Experts are:

  1. John Stamulous – a professionally trained Breathworker who has spent 25+ years supporting many of his clients use breathing to break through blocks that conditioning and life experience has imposed on their being and essential nature.  
  2. Soon Heng – a veteran stage actor who will come and transport your physical body to Uncover, Discover and Recover a different perspective of your creativity.
  3. Monika Wyss – a holistic transformation coach who works with her clients’ that addresses their body, mind and spirit to empower and guide them discover their true essence to be applied in their daily lives and personal transformation.

Using the powerful tools of writing i.e. free write, journaling and storytelling, P&P will further support breakthroughs for participants to express themselves and rediscover the writer in them buried in the many years of toil and work that life brings.

It is also designed for many individuals who simply need to discover themselves and experience breakthroughs necessary to revisit themselves, the masterpiece that they are and the courage that they had always had within.

Writing is a tool of many things and the POW project aims to provide the gateway to a universe of possibilities and break barriers for lives to transform and breath anew. 

“I have been a student of words for too many years to not recognize how it can build and burn bridges when carelessly uttered.  I know how I can use words in my writing to bring my pain, joy, sorrow and love to the surface and have my audience weep, laugh and cherish the experience I share.  I don’t underestimate the word, the most powerful weapon known to men and I wanted to create a haven where people can come and heal, revisit and love themselves through journaling and expression without judgment”, says Syireen Rose, founder of Peaches & Pen.

“I cannot wait to see the breakthroughs and joy this retreat will create for our participants.  We have spent so many months planning for this amazing treat and inviting brave and courageous individuals looking to go on a journey of discovery to join us at POW retreat.  Being a writer and poet myself, it has been so rewarding to use powerful words not to just move my audience but my personal being to rediscover my passion and courage,” says Nasuha Suhaili, co-founder of Peaches & Pen.

For more info of POW Retreat:

Nash: +06 19-6680861

Syireen: +06 0193881774

Email: peachesnpen@gmail.com

Instagram: pow.retreat

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