Qatar Remains Amongst Popular Muslim Tourist Places to Visit

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Qatar the gem of the Gulf was once a poor nation. In recent years the countries gas reserves have helped it develop economic clout. It was once famed for its pearl industry. The country has a population of around 1.9 million inhabitants. The main language spoken is Arabic and the majority of people are followers of the Islamic faith. Qatar remains one of the most popular destinations and geographical tourism spots in the world targeting Muslims. Qatar is deemed as the fifth most Muslim conscious nation attracting visitors from all over the world. The Qatari capital Doha was recently displayed as one of the main top cities for Muslim tourism by Halal Trip. Halal trip is based in Singapore in the Far East advising Muslim travellers on destinations and places to visit.


Qatar has aimed to diversify its economy in recent years. Tourism and attracting Muslim travellers to visit Qatar has become a core policy and aspiration amongst Qatar’s leaders. Last year Qatar had approximately 44% of tourists visiting the nation from other Gulf countries. This figure of visitors from the Gulf region is estimated to be around 1.3million people. This is important in recognising the economic benefits Qatar can gain from regional tourism. In addition to visitors from the Gulf region there has also been a rise in visitors from Britain and the Sub Continent particularly India. The Qatar Tourism Authority disclosed a figure of 3 million visitors last year who embraced Qatari shores. Qatar is increasing in popularity and is predicted to remain a hotspot for Muslim tourism in the near future.

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