Qibla: Finding Prayer Direction With AI Tech



CollabDeen: How augmented reality is making it easier to find the direction for prayer

Singapore: The cosmopolitan world and modern living has meant we are travelling now more than ever before. Whether that’s travelling from town o town, city to city or booking flights to fly abroad. Many more people are travelling for business, pleasure and a variety of reasons. In the past travelling to different places and far from home brought with it a multitude of problems for practicing Muslims. Muslims pray 5 times a day which is known as salat and is a fundamental pillar of the Islamic faith.

As people travelled and had to pray they often used compasses which weren’t always accurate in being able to tell the direction for prayer known as Qibla in Arabic. Some people guessed the direction of prayer and as the digital age downed you could also get apps and log onto websites to find the Qibla prayer direction. Some of these methods were fairly accurate but not always reliable.

The Qibla is needed by Muslims because it dictates the direction of prayer. It is focussed in a South East direction and is directed towards the Kaabah. The Kabah is the cube shaped building in Mecca which Muslims circumnavigate during the holy pilgrims of Umrah and Hajj. 

Qibla: What is the Hajj?

Hajj: The Islamic faith is known as being a part of the Abrahamic (AS) faiths alongside Judaism and Christianity. As part of Muslim doctrine there are five main pillars associated with practicing the faith such as fasting. Another pillar in the Islamic faith is known as the Hajj. The Hajj is an annual pilgrimage which takes place around a couple of months after Ramadan. The Hajj pilgrimage normally occurs from the 8th onwards of Dhul al-Hijjah which is the final month in the Islamic calendar. Every Muslim who is able to make the journey i.e. has the financial capability and is not in debt should undertake the holy pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime.

As Islam is a part of the Abrahamic (AS) faith the Hajj is undertaken in order to follow the footsteps of the Prophet Abraham (AS). When an individual arrives in Saudi Arabia the heartland of the Muslim world for Hajj, special clothing must be worn known as the ihram. The ihram clothing comprises of two white pieces of cloth which are wrapped around the body of a male pilgrim and women will often wear a niqababaya or jilbab. When the pilgrims enter this stage their spiritual journey begins. During the Hajj pilgrims must visit the two holiest cities in Islam Mecca, & Medina also known as the city of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

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The CollabDeen app which was developed by a team based in Singapore, the Far East has now created the first augmented reality Qibla finder. The amazing AI tech now allows users to open the app and click the Qibla direction feature. The feature then opens up a screen with a green beacon at the top right hand corner directing you to the zone of the Qibla. At the same time a message comes up on screen either on the left, right or on both sides directing you to move your phone in a particular direction so you fall into the Qibla direction. As you move into the correct direction a green beam appears on screen with an image of the Kaabah at the end. This amazing technology makes it much more interactive and accurate to work out the direction of prayer.

Testimonial From CollabDeen App User

CollabDeen Co Founder, Fateh Ali said:

“The Qibla finder is a unique piece of technology which allow you to source the direction of prayer when praying salat. The CollabDeen app is leading the way in Islamic and Muslim friendly technology and after the initial launch has seen droves of users sign up for free eager to make use of the tech.”

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What is CollabDeen App & Platform?

CollabDeen is a deep DeepTech, AI-Powered community management platform that helps faith based communities, brands, businesses and influencers to build their social community and build their audience. Admins get a beautiful real time view of their community analytics that helps them participate in the continual development of their community. Businesses now have the ability to build their niche audience in this fast growing global Islamic economy, estimated USD 3.8 Trillion by 2022.     

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