Saudi scholarship student wins over US judge with her courage

Saudi scholarship student

Saudi scholarship student

Halal Incorp & Media Agencies,

JAZAN/TABUK – With her warmness and confidence, Saudi scholarship student Tahani Almanea made a judge in the US to drop all the charges leveled against her by the local administration.

In a viral video circulated on social media, Tahani appeared smiling after the judge decided to drop the case.

She talked with a lot of confidence and a warm smile before the judge, who initially sentenced her to pay $350 in parking fines. After learning that she was a scholarship student, the judge decided to reduce the fine to $75.

Tahani explained to the judge that she had to park in front of her house knowing that she would be fined because her car was broken into several times when it was parked in legal parking. She had to pay money to fix the glass. Sympathizing with her, the judge decided to drop the charge.

Tahani told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that the trial took place around three months ago before her return to the Kingdom and she did not know that the trial was videotaped.

Tahani said she had to pay a lot of money because her car was damaged many times by unknown people. She also said her parents watched the video and were happy because of her positive attitude in front of the judge. Tahani loves to smile all the time and be positive. Her university selected her as the most positive student of the year and put her smiling face on the cover of its magazine.

Tahani is happy that she reflected a positive image of Muslims and Saudis as reported by Saudi Gazette.

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