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Princess Windsor: The online digital realm is a space for entrepreneurship and finding products of choice. The Princess Windsor online store provides a digital eCommerce platform that enables you to acquire and purchase a range of products and services. This is a unique online store that positions itself well in the marketplace.

princess windsor

Princess Windsor’s store has high quality specialist health care uniforms similar to the ones found in specialist companies such as Care Direct Recruitment who provide care services to institutions such as nursing homes.

The online store now also stocks a variety of children’s clothing. One new product is the child’s floral dress accompanied by a majestic matching hat.

The additional product range is diverse and showcases the best in hijabs, jewellery, health care uniforms, women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. One of the core products available at the online store is multiple uniforms. These uniforms are high value and high quality products aimed at health care professionals. These uniforms are available for both men and women. Men’s uniforms also come in the classic tunic hospital blue colour range. There are also uniforms available in unisex style.

Princess Windsor Consultancy Services 

An additional service provided is business management and consultancy. The Princess Windsor brand can support your business by providing strategic and relevant business advice to help support your growth. There is also support available around branding and marketing development.

In addition to consultancy services the Princess Windsor store also includes women’s clothing. One such fashionable and quality item is the Chiffon lace dress. This stylish piece of clothing also features lace hem, loose bell sleeve, round neck and is a great piece for luxury occasions.

Also stocked on this eCommerce platform is a beautiful Kaftan Abaya dress. This is an zing piece of luxury design and modest clothing suitable for all those who seek to wear modest fashion apparel.

The Princess Windsor online store was created by entrepreneur Khadijah Fernandez Windsor who is a East Sussex based British entrepreneur & Islamic clothing designer. Khadijah is a revert to Islam and originally from the Philippines has conceptualised and created an innovative website. Khadijah is a Mumpreneur, she is a business woman and also has two children. Her background and passion revolve around modest fashion.

Image Source: Modest Fashion Live

Modest fashion is a trend which is now coming to fruition in the mainstream marketplace. Early last year the Saatchi Gallery in London hosted hundreds of people who attended the London Modest Fashion Week. The event hosted a diverse range of modest fashion centred on Islamic principles. There were a variety of colours and designs showcasing the best of Islamic fashion ranges, hijabs and abayas.

Previously several years ago H & M had their first hijabi model featured in one of their adverts. This was followed by high street store Debenhams partnering with modest fashion brand Aab and stocking their products. Last month a week after Ramadan had finished a prestigious event was held in London. The London Eid Festival was held at one of Europe’s largest Shopping centres, Westfield. The event coincided with Modest Fashion Live which also took place simultaneously featuring mainstream brands such as French Connection and other modest fashion household names such as Hijup.

In contemporary society we have seen a rise in freelancers and people working from home using the power of the internet. For the first time in history the ease of online shopping and retail has created multiple 5/6/7 & even 8 figure online business owners. Many single parents and those who want to work around their lives rather than have work dictate their lives are setting up digital businesses. Many female entrepreneurs are producing innovative products, services and harnessing the power of online tools to make their business excel.

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