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By Maj Hussain, Halal Incorp

Uscreen: Interaction between humans has existed since the dawn of time. Humans have communicated in a variety of ways for thousands of years, through the medium of sign language, speech, verbal prompts and into the digital age through radio, TV, CD’s, DVD’s and now digital video. Video channels of communication have existed for several decades. Many millennials can particularly recall fumbling with video cassettes trying to make the VCR work. The purpose of video as a medium of communication is to record, copy and playback visual media and moving images.

In contemporary society video is now one of the most powerful channels available for marketing and conveying messages. Businesses, Vloggers, broadcast media, social media users, advertisers and individuals are now making more use of this phenomenon which has revolutionised the marketing sphere.

The Raw Power Of Video  

Businesses, companies and entrepreneurs particularly those that operate in the digital world are advised to embrace video as a means of connecting with mass audiences and improving scale as well as reach. Dramatic rise in online channels such as You Tube over the last few years has seen millions of people worldwide using such services to view a variety of content for leisure, entertainment, knowledge transfer and past time. Facebook recently launched its ‘Go Live’ feature allowing Facebook users to live stream their daily activities and lifestyles. This function has also been utilised by some businesses and entrepreneurs as well as digital marketers and daily users.

Video itself is a medium which helps build trust and allows users and audiences to see interested parties live in action. This allows for a personal connection to build and enhances emotional connectivity between the video streamer and content viewer. More and more customers are looking for visual stimulus, personalities delivering practical advice and focussing on the issues that matter to them.

With young consumers now having grown up in a technological environment and having known the internet most of their lives this has meant the young demograph is a lot more tech savvy and focused. Although some older generations are embracing tech the younger market is consistently growing.

Having a strong video presence on a platform or multiple platforms is crucial in helping build brands and customer loyalty in the modern world. The smartphone era with tech supergiants such as Apple and Samsung has also made video streaming much more accessible and available at the click of a button through hand held devices. We now also have online platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime which allow users to watch videos, documentaries and films online through pay per view packages and deals.

The Titan In Combining Video & Social Media

With the advent of 3G, 4G and now even 5G in some geographical locations internet speed has made video streaming much more efficient. As Wi-Fi is now more widely available and spreading to wider parts and remote areas of the world more people have access to the internet. The advent and rise of social media has also altered the way humans interact and communicate. Digital relationships and customer contact is now more prevalent than ever before. Video content and streaming has moved in line with the advancement of social media. Instagram also allows for live video functions and videos can also be recorded and uploaded to platforms such as Twitter and Vimeo.

Social networking allows video content to be shared and reshared to millions of individuals on a daily basis. With Facebook having around 1.8 billion active users video engagement is much more effective and powerful allowing communication and context to reach audiences very quickly. Mediums such as Facebook can help 10x normal organic reach of video content and increase potential leads.

In line with social media trends Vlogging (recording a video blog and sharing with followers) has really taken off through avenues such as You Tube. Vloggers can express personal opinion, ideas and even train their followers. Vlogs are not necessarily high production video content but can be rough and spontaneous. This element has attracted many viewers as it allows for more personal experiences between the Vlogger and follower. There are now a multitude of explainer and tutorial videos also available focussing on content such as make up, styles, fashion, motivation, fitness, health, email marketing stretching all the way to changing car tyres.


Uscreen is one such platform which is harnessing the power of video. Uscreen is a platform which was founded and developed in America in 2012 by PJ Taei, headquartered in Washington DC. The online platform allows users to upload videos from diverse content and sell online. The platform allows users to showcase content in various sectors such as education, lifestyle, corporate, membership sites and healthy living amongst many other genres. A client can upload videos on bodybuilding, and set the prices for each individual video content that is added to the Uscreen library for customers to purchase and access. As well as this clients can have monthly membership subscriptions for their video content stored on the Uscreen platform. The customer journey has been made very efficient as video uploads can be undertaken in three easy steps without any need for coding knowledge:

  • Upload your content
  • Customise it
  • Launch in minutes

There are over 1,000 clients who are using the Uscreen platform and attracting new customers regularly. Companies such as Total Immersion Swimming, Cineplay & Wanderlust TV are just a few that are using the tech platform. Uscreen works in line with modern technology and takes care of many of the technical issues companies have. There is 24/7 support available, landing pages, built in payments, apps, user profiles, marketing tools amongst other key features.

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