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Wahed Invest Promotion

Wahed Invest Promotion

Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Sheikh Taha Abdul Basser – Wahed Panel Discussion at ICNA

Wahed Invest LLC (“Wahed”), the first digital halal-focused ethical investing platform, launched mobile apps for iOS and Android in March 2018, enabling people to invest ethically wherever they are located. Using Wahed’s mobile app, individuals can get an optimized and diversified halal portfolio, open an account, securely link their bank accounts to their investment portfolios, quickly access their funds, deposit money into accounts and monitor the performance of their portfolios, all from their smartphone.

The apps can be download at

Wahed Invest Promotion
What is Wahed Invest?
Wahed Invest LLC. (“Wahed”) is an online investment advisor that aims to provide an efficient and halal investment platform. Our platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently.
Wahed Invest Promotion: Who certifies Shari’ah compliance?
In order to display our commitment to best practices in the field of Shari’ah compliance, we have designated our Shari’ah review to Straightway Ethical Advisory LLC, a leading US-based Shari’ah financial advisory firm. The review panel is headed by Sheikh Taha bin Hasan Abdul-Basser and will advise Wahed Invest on matters of Shari’ah compliance and Islamic financial ethics.
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Is there a minimum balance?
Yes, the minimum balance is $100. We strive to provide such a low balance in order to make our service accessible to everyone.
Are there fees for deposits or withdrawals?
ACH deposits and withdrawals are free of charge. Wahed’s Wrap Fee is inclusive of all management fees, custodian fees, and transaction fees, except for any wiring, IRA, withdrawal or other miscellaneous fees that are charged by the custodian.

Wahed Invest Promotion: Financial Screening

Investments are screened for the presence of  interest, or Riba, as well as certain debt ratios. Wahed follow’s the AAIOFI standards.

Operational Screening

Wahed, as a company, ensures that all contracts, processes, and decisions are taken in compliance with Islamic Ethics.

Purification Methodology

Wahed goes the extra mile to ensure your wealth is pure.

What is purification?

Purification is the cleansing process that requires any investment income that might have been generated from unlawful activities according to Islamic principles be given to charity.

The methodology

Wahed’s Shari’ah Board calculates the purification amounts and accrues it daily for all securities. This is calculated by considering the following :

  • The number of shares of each security
  • The net income per share for each security
  • Number of days held for each security

Wahed Invest Promotion: Reporting

Wahed provide you with a unique annual purification report that includes both the methodology used and the calculation figures.

Wahed Invest Promotion: Wahed’s Full-time Ethical Review Board

Scholars who have approved our securities, systems, and technologies.

Sheikh Humza Maqbool Chaudhry Wahed Invest Promotion

Sheikh Humza Maqbool Chaudhry Board Member

B.S. in Biochemistry, B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 
Ex. President of Muslim Student Association, University of Washington 
Director, Islamic Relief USA

 Sheikh Taha Abdul Basser Wahed Invest Promotion

Sheikh Taha Abdul Basser Chairman of the Board

Managing Partner, Straightway Ethical Advisory LLC  Bachelors, Masters, PhD Candidate, in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Harvard University.

Sheikh Musa Furber Wahed Invest Promotion

Sheikh Musa Furber Board Member

Majored in Linguistics at Portland State University Intensive study of traditional Islamic disciplines: Qur’anic studies, Prophetic traditions (hadith), and ethics and law (fiqh).

Junaid Wahedna’s Interview With CNBC’s Dan Murphy.

Advisors and Board Observers

Khalid AlJassim Wahed Invest Promotion

Khalid Al Jassim Director, Afkar Holdings Ex. Partner, Arcapita Bank

Nasr-Eddine Benaissa Wahed Invest Promotion

Nasr-Eddine Benaissa Ex. Partner, McKinsey & Co, Managing Partner Eastgate Capital, DIFC.

Wahed Invest Promotion

Laurent Nordin Ex. Director, McKinsey & Company

Amir Farha Wahed Invest Promotion

Amir Farha Managing Partner, BECO Capital

Sir Iqbal Sacranie Wahed Invest Promotion

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, OBE Ex. Chairman, Muslim Aid Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain

Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi Wahed Invest Promotion

Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi PhD, Theology, Yale University, USA

 Ali Rahimtula Wahed Invest Promotion

Ali Rahimtula Partner, Cue Ball Capital, Ex. Goldman Sachs

 Feras Al Kandari Wahed Invest Promotion

Feras Al Kandari Managing Director, Rosette Merchant Bank, UK

John El Khair  Wahed Invest Promotion

John El Khair Ex. Managing Director, JP Morgan, Advisor to CEO, QIA Ex. Chairman, Islamic Bank of Britain

Investment Committee

The Wahed Investment Committee consists of expert scholars and industry professionals.

Navid Goraya Wahed Invest Promotion

Navid Goraya Managing Director, White Oak Advisors Inc., New York, USA Ex. Managing Director and Global Head of Wealth Management, HSBC, New York, USA

Professor Jahangir Sultan Wahed Invest Promotion

Professor Jahangir Sultan Professor of Finance, Bentley University, Boston, USA Advisory Board Member at Artico Partners, Zurich and Greentechnologies Ltd, New York, USA

Samim Abedi Wahed Invest Promotion

Samim Abedi Global Head of Portfolios, Wahed Inc. Ex. JP Morgan, Global Investments and Fixed Income Investment Strategy Ex. Trading and Investments at Google

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