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Halal Incorp is an Social Media Marketing Agency created to help entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, tech start-ups, organisations, social enterprises, governmental departments amongst others to get more leads and build an online presence. In addition to this our work is centred on providing advice, consultancy and facilitating development opportunities. We aim to help diverse entities from a range of backgrounds enter and deliver services or sell products to the Halal Market. The Halal market is estimated to reach $3.7 trillion dollars in revenue by 2019. The potential for start ups and businesses to create successful Halal orientated brands, products and services is colossal. We also help provide a service to customers on how to consider ethical and social factors when undertaking business in the Halal sector. We also stipulate and advise on sensibilities and sensitive issues within the market. We help tailor plans and strategies to help you enter the Halal market creating a foothold and potentially obtain a large share of the revenues available. We also help promote advertise and propel businesses forward in this sector. We write and source daily business articles related to the global Islamic economy. The Halal sector is one of the fastest growing possibilities in contemporary business markets. There are huge untapped potential markets waiting to be discovered. Invite us to join you on this journey with your company and we will help you reach a mass market full of possibilities. We work with international companies and advocate travelling, blogging and discovering new environments and contextualised Halal business markets all over the globe.

Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Please see below our services which include but are not limited to:

1) Social media management

2) Social media marketing

3) Lead magnet creation

4) Landing page creation

5) Email marketing

6) Sales funnels

7) SEO (search engine optimisation) Blogs/articles

8) Lead generation

9) Content marketing

10) Content creation

11) Facebook ads

12) Digital business consultancy

13) PR

14) Copywriting

15) Storytelling

We currently have a reach of 100k + in the UK and across global audiences directly and over 2 million indirect via Facebook groups.

We have had over 1 Million video views on Linked In & we can promote your products or service today. We have worked with & acted as media partners for Dubai Modest Fashion Week, Innovation Arabia 11 held in Dubai in 2018 which is an event under the Patronage of HH Hamdan Bin Mohammed, World Islamic Banking Conference Bahrain, partnered with Islamica 500 which is a guide which details the 500 most powerful people in the global Islamic economy launched in Dubai and held subsequently in London & Bahrain.

We have also worked with a multitude of global expos, conferences and events in places such as Moscow, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Turkey, Bahrain, Oman & Spain etc. Therefore we have a lot of experience working with premium clients and supporting their platforms in a variety of ways.


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