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About Us: Halal Incorp is an organisation based in the UK. It provides consultancy & research services around digital business, entrepreneurship, youth and community development as well as providing training to communities and businesses.

Halal Incorp work across the UK as well as internationally having delivered consultancy projects, research papers and project delivery in Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Turkey & Portugal amongst other international locations.

We have worked with six figure companies undertaking copywriting, PR, drafting newsletters and reports. Our client focused approach and strong networking ability has allowed us to form solid relationships with clients. Our clients have trusted us to deliver contracts on their behalf as well as travel around the world to represent them at meetings and international partner delegation events.

We have worked on a variety of international projects around various subjects such as inclusive education, disability, youth work, entrepreneurship, youth, migration etc.

Halal Incorp has worked with food and beverage companies supporting their pitches to create presentations and undertake research in the food industry. Our research has been used to present pitches in front of mainstream companies.

We have provided consultancy to companies around the world. We have advised our clients on business structures, market development, business growth, tender bids, digital enhancement as well as other areas.

Halal Incorp undertakes community development work focusing on economically and socially deprived communities working with young people and older members of society. Halal Incorp specialises in working with marginalised groups and BME grassroots communities.

We have worked with multi million pound organisations. We have delivered contracts and undertaken field research. We have used various methodologies focusing on ethnographic frameworks.

Halal Incorp has delivered and executed both qualitative and quantitative data gathering techniques. We have worked with minority communities and obtained relevant data which we analysed and produced reports around for commissions we have been contracted to.


  1. Influencer Marketing- Working with world class influencers leveraging their reach and platforms to help you build your brand, raise awareness of your products/services and reach your ideal clients.
  2. Social Media Management: We manage your social media accounts and respond to relevant queries. We look after your digital needs, create content, run ads, write copy, create newsletters etc. HI can help with visuals, video production & documentary creation also.
  3. Client Representation: HI will fly anywhere around the world as required by our clients and represent them at meetings, observe, deliver presentations, gather feedback, set up operations, undertake feasibility studies/research, build networks etc.
  4. Old School: We can manage and deliver hard marketing campaigns to help you raise awareness of your brand and increase sales over the long term. This could include leaflet drops in communities door to door, arranging postal mail, digital ad screens, billboards, print media, bus stop campaigns, bus adverts, TV/radio ads, roadshows nationally/internationally, train station ads etc. We can also help book conferences and expo events providing in person support where necessary.
  5. Research: HI is able to produce market insights, papers, reports, undertake qualitative/quantitative research including focus groups, surveys, interviews etc. We can also prep SWOT/PESTEL/competitor analysis as well as explore market penetration and growth opportunities.
  6. Consultancy & Project Management: HI provide consultancy services and can manage projects nationally and internationally to high standards and agreed milestones. We can source suppliers, book travel and itineraries for clients.
  7. Alternatively You Tell Us What You Need & We Make It Happen. 

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London Office:

124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX

Manchester Office: 

Innospace, Turing House, 5 Archway, Manchester, M15 5RL

Email: info@halalincorp.co.uk





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