Prince Salman Net Worth Trillion Dollar Fortune

Prince Salman Net Worth

By Halal Incorp

How Saudi’s Prince Salman Spends His $2 Trillion Fortune

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Meet Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince who spends hundreds of millions of his wealth on boats, homes, and artwork.

In this article, we examine Mohammed bin Salman’s (MBs) $2 trillion-dollar fortune and how he spends it.

The efforts of Saudi Arabia to modernize are spearheaded by the Crown Prince. The prince is the public face of the House of Saud, whose members are thought to be worth well over 2 trillion dollars as a group. Amazingly, it is almost 16 times higher than the British Royal Family.

Prince Salman Net Worth

Their wealth was made possible by the enormous oil reserves that King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia discovered more than 75 years ago.

He is well-known for his extravagant spending on luxury houses, and he is even claimed to own the most expensive art work in the world.

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The Chateau Louie the 14th in France, just west of Paris, sold for an unbelievable sum, shocking the world when an unidentified buyer splashed out over 300 million dollars on it.

It was named the most expensive house in the world by Fortune magazine, and the Town and Country magazine gushed over its gold leaf fountain, marble statuary, and walled Labyrinth, which is situated in a 57 acre landscaped park.

Prince Salman Net Worth

However, despite all the elaborate details, one fact was absent. Later, it was discovered that the home belonged to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the successor to the Saudi kingdom.

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Even Kim Kardashian made a surprise appearance at the Chateau.

The Crown Prince ultimately owns the Chateau and additional features like the drinks cellar and movie theatre, according to advisers to members of the royal family.

The ceiling of the Rotunda is decorated with a beautiful fresco, and the moat has a translucent underwater chamber with a sturgeon and koi swimming pool above it. The grounds are guarded by a Carrera marble statue of Louis the 14th.

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The house has 10 bedrooms, an aquarium, a library, and an indoor and outdoor pool. The aquarium has a translucent underwater chamber that wouldn’t seem out of place in a James Bond movie and serves as both a meditation space and an aquarium.

Salman has established himself as the pinnacle of luxury spenders; the Royal reportedly paid Russian vodka entrepreneur Yuri Schaeffler about $500 million for a super yacht in 2015.

Prince Salman Net Worth

With an overall length of 439 feet and a beam that is 60 feet wide, the Serene is one of the biggest boats in the world. It has a saltwater pool, an enormous hot tub, a sauna next to the water, and a fully functional submarine.

When the Serene was delivered, the yachting community recognized her as one of the most inspirational super yachts ever built.  Serene was the ninth-largest yacht in the world, just surpassing the 133-meter Aliquam of the Emir of Qatar.

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However, the 138 metre Lurssen Rising Sun was the first yacht the company had ever built, having previously mainly concentrated on commercial ships for the state-controlled Italian shipyard Fincantieri Serene.

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